Photo art / video art


The Human And The Room
Ongoing project since 2014

As an artist photography is more then a photo. Within the medium I experiment with different techniques. The manually processing of photographic technology acquires a human appearance.

My work is an ongoing project in which I experiment with an alternative process of photography to create a visual language. Two photographic techniques are combined; digital and analog photography. Digital work can become analogue and analogue can become digital. A photo is not just a photo; multiple copies, cut into photos, scratches, etc. Everything is possible. Each work is manually edited and given a new shape.

“The Human And The Room” refers to the human perception of feelings and a safe space where you can be yourself. During this process I am looking for a melancholic, mystical atmosphere with a poetic touch.

Every human being has its own vulnerability; I capture the atmosphere of these feelings we try to hide. In my opinion vulnerability is the purest and most beautiful quality of a human being and I seek moments where this is visible. Intuition and coincidence are necessary to create something new, every outcome is a surprise and thereby a unique work.

The multiple layers give an atmosphere which I studied for a couple of years now. I will keep on searching for the perfect outcome to tell a story in each work.