Filmstill in Magazine: Destillaat #17, 2015. Knust/ Extrapool
Anouk van der Wegen
Video Art
Video installation
- Project 'Between the {f} atcs’  An ongoing study of humanity.  {Facts & acts, since 2014}
Music Video
Duvelhok 'ik heb het gedaan’ Tilburg, NL
Film: L.E.A.V.E duration: 01:48min 2014
De Fabriek 'Palais Idéal’, Eindhoven, NL
> Choreography: between the {f} acts.<
Upcoming exhibitions Soon. Project: - Film in collaboration with Roeliena Aukema - Music video Onont Kombar - Infantile Paradise longings
Anouk van der Wegen (27/04/1989)Lives in Belgium, Gent 2006-2009 Studied Scenography, SISA (Antwerp, BE) 2009-2011 Studied Art education, Karel de Grote-hogeschool (Antwerp, BE) 2011-2015 Studied Fine Art, AKV St. Joost (Breda, NL) Current: volunteer at Art Cinema OFFoff (Gent, BE)
2016 Cinedans Dance on screen festival (video library), EYE Amsterdam 2016 Gemeentehuis Binnenmaas, Kunstprijs #5, Maasdam (NL) 2015 Extrapool, Destillaat#17, Nijmegen (NL)2015 Club Solo, Horizon, Breda (NL)2015 Graduationshow, AKV St. Joost, Breda (NL) 2015 De Fabriek, Palais Idéal, Eindhoven (NL)2014 Squatted gallery, Hampstead, London (UK) 2014 Electron, MIST, Breda (NL) 2014 Duvelhok, Ik heb het gedaan, Tilburg (NL) 2013 Gastatelier Leo13, Tilburg (NL) 2013 Ten Toon, Den Bosch (NL) 2013 Kotroute, Antwerp (BE) 2013 Podiumbloos, Breda (NL) 2012 Nieuwe Nobelaer, Koffervolvincentvangogh, Kunstgenootschap Tegendraads, Etten-Leur (NL) Curator2014 Stichting KOP‚ One Man Show, Breda (NL) CollaborationFashion designer: Anne Oomen (Collection 2014)
The patron saintWho are you anyway?(2015)
Between the {f} acts  (2015)
AKV St.Joost Breda (NL) Graduation show 2015
I observe and immerse the behavior and mindset of the human being, especially the so-called ‘mental illness’. Is there something wrong with their way of thinking? Why do we act what society expects of us?  In my work I explore similarities between normal / abnormal and conscious / unconscious habits of people in society.                                        The work exudes a strange, mystical atmosphere where I put the viewer in the position to think about their own behavior. EndFragment
EndFragment (artist)Facebook: anouk.vanderwegen
Fragment, The patron saint: Who are you anyway? duration:06:22min. Loop.
                                   (2012) Original duration: 00:43 sec
                   As I Am (2014)Original duration: 02:11min
                   The patron saint: who are you anyway? (2015)Original duration:00:23sec. Loop.
The patron saint: who are you anyway? (2015)Original duration: 06:22min
As I Am (2014)
The patron saint: who are you anyway? part two (2015)
Fragment of L.E.A.V.E (2014) Original duration: 01:48 min
Fashion designer: Anne OomenPerformance: Almudena Ballesteros Parejo Video & photography: Anouk van der Wegen
Videoclip: Onont Kombar - Infantile Paradise Longings
Videoclip: Onont Kombar - Infantile Paradise Longings
Music by Onont Kombar- Infantile Paradise LongingsFilm by Anouk van der Wegen